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Office cleaning is the same, no matter the industry. Every office environment needs diligent, regular professional cleaning services. Allowing offices to become dirty and disorganized negatively impacts productivity, health, and your company image. Built-up dust, clutter, and grime can also damage technology and furniture over time. Partnering with OCDC's professional office cleaning crews provides the skilled work required to maintain pristine, functional workspaces your staff deserves.

Consistent and Thorough Cleaning Office Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning teams don't just tidy what's visible. We use methods and commercial grade equipment to clean thoroughly and consistently throughout your office. From vacuuming under desks to washing breakroom appliances inside and out, we leave no area overlooked. Ongoing maintenance, plus periodic deep cleaning, keeps all surfaces dust-free and sanitized. Your office remains properly maintained all year.

Safely Remove Germs and Bacteria

With staff working in close proximity, offices need diligent disinfecting. High-touch points like doorknobs, coffee makers, copy machines and phone handsets harbor germs that can quickly spread illness between employees. We use non-toxic disinfectants to kill germs on surfaces and help keep your staff healthier. Our electrostatic sprayers also wrap disinfectant around objects for better coverage.

Clean Impacts Productivity

When offices become disorganized and dirty, it negatively impacts staff productivity and morale. Employees get distracted trying to work in messy or unsanitary conditions. Our cleaning teams restore order so your staff can focus. We also remove odors that can reduce comfort and concentration. A professional clean office supports efficiency.

Reduce Allergens and Dust

Dust on shelving, settled in carpet fibers, or accumulating in air vents triggers allergies for many office workers. We thoroughly dust all surfaces, vacuum carpets, wash linens, and clean HVAC systems to remove dust and allergens. Your team can breathe easier in fresher indoor air with less absent time for allergic reactions.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Your office furnishings, finishes and equipment are valuable investments – we protect them by using only safe, eco-friendly cleaners and equipment. Our green-certified products sanitize without harsh fumes or damage. HEPA vacuums trap fine particles rather than recirculating dust. We can customize our janitorial cleaning methods to accommodate any special requests as well.

Schedule Around Your Staff

Since an occupied office can't be thoroughly cleaned, we schedule after normal working hours. Your staff leaves to a fresh, tidy workspace each morning without disruptions. We accommodate any special events or fluctuations in your office schedule as needed too. Our crews are discreet, efficient and respectful of your workplace.

Protect Technology and Furnishings

Dust, spills, and grime also collect on sensitive technology components and office furnishings over time, leading to damage or malfunction. Our careful cleaning keeps these assets like computers, AV equipment, whiteboards and furniture looking their best while preventing costlier repairs or replacement.

Relieve Your Internal Team

Having your own staff clean around their normal work is disruptive and can still miss areas. Plus they aren't properly trained in techniques like HVAC cleaning or application methods for disinfectants. Let us handle cleaning completely so your team stays focused on their best contributions – their core job functions.

Maintain a Professional Appearance

A clean, well-maintained office makes the best impression on both employees and visitors. Clients notice if an office looks dirty or disorganized, potentially raising concerns about work quality. Consistent cleaning portrays professionalism and attention to detail that attracts talent and impresses guests. Let our crews handle the dirty work.

Invest in Your Workplace

Don't let your office become an unhealthy, chaotic or unprofessional space. Consistent professional office cleaning is an investment that boosts productivity, morale and satisfaction for your staff. You'll see the benefits right away and over the long haul through better performance, health and retention. Contact us to customize an office cleaning plan for your needs and budget.

Contact OCDC House Cleaning To Get A Clean Office Today!

Don't settle for lackluster cleaning that allows your office to become dirty and disorganized. OCDC House Cleaning crews bring state-of-the-art techniques and products for thorough, eco-friendly cleaning year-round. We remove allergy and illness-causing germs, dust, and clutter so your office supports productivity and satisfaction.

With customized schedules to work around your team, we maintain the pristine yet comfortable workspace your staff deserves to excel in. Contact us today to discuss your office cleaning needs and get a quote for affordable, reliable service that makes a difference you'll see immediately. We're committed to helping your office environment live up to its full potential.

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