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Post Construction Clean Up

After the dust has settled from finishing construction on a commercial building or residential home, the work isn't completely done until a thorough post construction clean up occurs. Scattered debris, thick layers of dust, paint splatters, and other grime accumulates in newly built spaces. Leaving this mess risks safety issues, system damage, and poor indoor air quality when occupants move in. Partnering with OCDC House Cleaning for professional post construction cleaning ensures your new property starts out pristine.

Remove Lingering Debris and Dust

Even the most careful construction teams leave behind some debris like nuts, bolts, wire fragments, and bits of insulation, drywall or wood. These present tripping hazards and can damage flooring. Plaster dust, drywall dust, and residue from other materials hangs in the air and settles on every surface. OCDC's professional post construction cleaning thoroughly vacuums and sweeps up all this lingering debris and dust. We ensure no sharp or dangerous objects remain. Thorough dust removal leaves every room fresh.

Clean Ductwork and Vents

Drywall dust and other particles inevitably get drawn into HVAC ducts during construction. This contaminated air starts circulating as soon as the system is turned on, spreading dust into the interior. Our post construction clean up teams thoroughly clean out all ductwork so only fresh, filtered air flows once the space is occupied. Supply and return vents also get wiped down and vacuumed inside and out.

Sanitize Surfaces and Scrub Floors

New construction leaves behind dirt, scuffs, fingerprints, splatters and footprints on installed surfaces. We sanitize every countertop, cabinet, fixture, door and trim using disinfectants safe for the materials. Bathroom and kitchen areas get degreased too. Hard and soft flooring gets mopped thoroughly to remove all construction dirt and debris. Our scrubbing and protective coatings leave floors pristine.

Clean Inside Appliances

During installation, mud, dust and other gunk often gets tracked into appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers. We remove any sticky residue and debris inside so appliances are ready for use. Our teams safely use commercial cleaners formulated for each appliance’s interior. We also polish exterior surfaces.

Window and Glass Cleaning

Cloudy window and glass surfaces are common after construction. Spray from texturing and paint ends up on glass and needs removal. Hard water stains may also appear. Our post construction clean up removes all residue, streaks, stains and debris from interior and exterior glass and mirrors, leaving them crystal clear.

Remove Labels, Tape and Glue

Various labels, packaging, tapes and glues are used during construction to identify wires, pipes, receptacles and more. Leftover tape adhesive on walls, floors and counters looks unsightly. Our teams methodically remove all excess tape, labels, and sticky residue for clean results throughout.

Check for Functionality

As we clean, our post construction clean up teams also check that installed items like cabinet doors, faucets, appliances, and lighting are working properly. We’ll identify anything not functioning right or damaged so it can be addressed before occupancy. This prevents hassles and delays for new owners or tenants moving in.

Experience and Care

With decades of construction cleanup experience, OCDC knows the methods and equipment to leave newly built properties looking their absolute best. Our insured and bonded cleaners take care working in your valuable new space. Trust us to get the job done right and on schedule before you move in.

Ideal Timing

Post construction clean up goes smoothest once all trades have finished. That allows full access for cleaning floors, fixtures, appliances and more. Schedule our services after final inspections approve all work, but before new furniture and possessions enter to avoid any dust or dirt settling on them. We work efficiently to minimize delaying occupancy.

Rest Assured Your New Property is Pristine

Don’t hamper enjoyment of your new home or facility with lingering construction mess. Trust OCDC's commercial cleaners to thoroughly remove every last speck of dust, grime and debris throughout. Our comprehensive post construction cleaning services ensure you start off spotless, healthy and functional. Contact us for a quote tailored to your new property today.

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After investing significant time and money into construction, don’t cut corners on cleaning. With our post build services, OCDC House Cleaning's janitors remove all remnants of the process like dust in ducts, paint splatters, sticky residue and more. Your new space will look its very best, maximizing enjoyment for owners, employees or customers. Schedule our professional teams once all work is done for expert cleaning you can rely on

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