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Recurring Cleaning Services

OCDC’s recurring cleaning services provides dependable, trustworthy cleaners for regular cleaning of your home wherever you are located in any of our service areas. Scheduling our recurring cleaning service gives peace of mind and confidence that your house is going to be clean and remain clean. We work around your commitments to find a time that is best suited to your busy life.

All cleaners at OCDC House Cleaning are highly trained, professional and reliable and of course they are thoroughly background checked and vetted. In fact, no cleaner will enter your home until they have performed and passed a test-clean and proven they can clean to the high standards set by our firm.

Recurring Cleaning Options

Some people refer to recurring cleaning as regular cleaning. Whatever you call it, we have a service to fit your needs! These are typical routines however we can provide any schedule you care to request! How often you need your home cleaned will depend on a variety of factors such as the number of people in your household, the number and frequency of visitors, and it goes without saying the number, ages and tidiness of any kids, both resident and friends! The more often your regular cleanings the less frequently you should require a more thorough deep cleaning.

Weekly Cleaning

Weekly cleaning is for many a necessity. Most people find that it only takes a few days for their home to begin unraveling after the latest clean, especially when your children have a lot of friends over on a regular basis. During breaks from school the situation is compounded. If you have a busy home or a large family, weekly cleaning from a local professional house cleaner can be the difference between chaos and parental sanity!

To fix a regular weekly cleaning service with OCDC House Cleaning you can submit your request online through our booking form, contact us through email, or give us a call. Whatever works best for you works for us. Even if you have chosen a regular day and need to make a change we do everything we can to be flexible and shift the appointment back or forwards. 

Bi-Weekly Cleaning

Bi-weekly cleaning is a fantastic home cleaning option to keep on top of the housework and is a popular choice among our clients. If you start with bi-weekly cleaning and you find it’s not quite enough we can put you on a more frequent schedule, it doesn’t have to be weekly, there can be any number of days between cleaning visits. Contact us for more details or help in deciding what is best for you and your situation.

Monthly Cleaning

A monthly cleaning service is an excellent way to prevent clutter from building up in your home and to keep on top of the cleaning chores. It especially benefits families (parents) who are able to maintain the day-to-day tidying but need a helping-hand with the more time-consuming tasks such as cleaning bathrooms and kitchens where allergens, bacteria, mold and mildew can build up quickly. 

A monthly cleaning helps to keep on top of all of this, and anything else in your home to help you keep your home healthy and clean. If you find that the schedule isn’t frequent enough you can always reduce the days between cleans or you can opt for one-time cleans in between times on an as-needed basis. We work with you to find the optimal cleaning strategy for your home. 

Benefits Of Recurring Cleaning

Hiring a recurring cleaning service helps busy parents to focus on the family and not on mundane chores that can quickly become overwhelming. Anyone with kids knows that cleaning is a never-ending task, especially if they are young. 

People like you living in Southern California are busy, we get it. We know your time is precious and that few people enjoy cleaning and doing so interrupts other things you need to take care of. Having a reliable cleaner to come and help you out brings peace of mind knowing that your home will be well-maintained and you can think about something else and stress a little less! A clutter-free home makes it easier to unwind and relax, not to mention there is no need to freak out when visitors drop by. 

The health of your family is important. Regular home cleaning reduces the number of bacteria, mold, mildew, allergens and viruses that are present everywhere in your home. The more often you are able to clean, the healthier your environment will be. If you have children with allergies this can be especially beneficial. 

Book Your Recurring Cleaning Online

One of the main benefits of hiring an OCDC house cleaner is that you will have the same cleaning crew coming each and every time. This helps give you confidence in the people coming to your home and they will know you and the way you like things done. This synergy provides for a more effective service and happier clients! You can fill out the form here to schedule your cleaning today.

Since we are a local business and not a national organization that focuses on the bottom line, you are a valued client, rather than a number or a statistic. 

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